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Calling All Industry Experts

CASTI is seeking experienced professionals to join our team of subject matter experts. If you have 10+ years of industry experience, work with codes and standards daily, or sit on code committees and would like to join our team, send your resume to

Upcoming Courses:

ASME B31.3 Code Design Requirements for Process Piping

For Engineers and Designers

April 9-12
Calgary, AB

This is an introductory level design course and the discussion includes an overview of piping flexibility (i.e., stress) analysis requirements but it is not intended to provide detailed instruction on flexibility analysis requirements.

Due to the importance of the Oil and Gas Industry in Alberta, there will be a focus on local Alberta requirements but the course may touch on certain requirements in other jurisdictions as well.

This course is ideal for Engineers, technologist, and designers – working for Owners, EPCs, inspection firms, fabricators, and repair/maintenance organizations who are involved with ASME B31.3 piping systems.

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API 510

Pressure Vessel Inspector Exam Preparation

E-Learning Session Available Now!
Classroom Session: April 16-18
Edmonton, AB

API ICP exam candidates are expected to have a broad base of general knowledge and experience covering all topics described in the API 510 Body of Knowledge.

This course is designed to maximize your success in passing the API Pressure Vessel Inspector Certification Examination by teaching you to:

  • understand what the API 510 Body of Knowledge requires exam candidates to know;
  • efficiently reference the API and ASME Codes during the API ICP examination; and
  • complete all calculations required of exam candidates during the API ICP examination.

To give exam candidates the best chance to successfully pass the API 510 ICP examination, this training course includes practice exams and an online component that is designed to simulate the actual computer-based API 510 examination experience. Completion of the e-learning portion of the course is required prior to attending the classroom.

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CSA W178.2 Level 2

Welding Inspector Exam Preparation

April 30 - May 5
Edmonton, AB

This course will assist exam candidates achieve the CSA W178.2 Level 2 Welding Inspector Certification. It is also the objective of this course to prepare exam candidates to write the ASME B31.3 code endorsement exam as part of this certification.

This course is approved by the Canadian Welding Bureau to qualify exam candidates to write a shortened version of the closed-book Welding Inspection exam towards the CSA W178.2 Level 2 Welding Inspector Certification. Click here for more information on exemptions qualification.

This course is designed to maximize your success by providing instructor-led training on the critital parts of the certification exam:

  • Basic Materials Science
  • Advanced Welding Fundamentals
  • Welding Inspection Techniques
  • Practical Visual Inspection and Reporting with a hands-on workshop for visual inspection using weld samples and inspection tools
  • CSA Standard W178.2
  • Product Category and Standard/Code (ASME B31.3)

NOTE: Students are provided with a complete course notebook and access to weld inspection toolkits as a part of this training course. Students should bring a copy of the ASME B31.3 Code but are not required to purchase course textbooks or toolkits.

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CASTI Career Path

For Engineers and Inspectors

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"Really enjoyed my time here and always recommend this course to every inspector
I work with. Very informative."

Comment on CASTI's ASME Section IX course, November 2016.
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