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Learn about Pressure Vessel Inspection from Home or the Office

If you would like to learn some basics about pressure vessel inspection and are not planning on getting an API 510 certification, the ASTM | CASTI e-Learning Series includes an Introduction to Pressure Vessel Inspection by using API 510 course. This course is ideal for anyone wanting to gain a broad general knowledge relating to maintenance, inspection, repair, and alteration of pressure vessels.

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Upcoming Courses:

ASME Sec. VIII, Div. 1

Code Design Requirements for Pressure Vessels

June 18-21
Calgary, AB

The design requirements of ASME Section VIII, Division 1 will be explained and the application of those requirements demonstrated through example problems. General, material, and fabrication requirements with related documentation will be covered.

Participants will not only gain the knowledge for design of safe and economical vessels, they will also learn how to select proper materials, avoid common fabrication problems, and prepare data reports. A number of important ASME Code Cases, which will result in more economical construction, will be introduced. The latest Code revisions and the work being performed on future revisions will also be reviewed.

This course is ideal for individuals involved with the purchase, design, fabrication, or inspection of pressure vessels. (Engineers, designers, fabrication personnel, QA supervisors, and inspectors who work for pressure vessel owners, fabricators, inspection companies, EPC's and government agencies.)

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API 653 E-Learning

Tank Inspector Exam Preparation

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API ICP exam candidates are expected to have a broad base of general knowledge and experience covering all topics described in the API 653 Body of Knowledge.

This course is designed to maximize your success in passing the API Tank Inspector Certification Examination by teaching you to:

  • understand what the API 653 Body of Knowledge requires exam candidates to know;
  • efficiently reference the API and ASME Codes during the API ICP examination; and
  • complete all calculations required of exam candidates during the API ICP examination.

To give exam candidates the best chance to successfully pass the API 653 ICP examination, this training course includes online practice exams that are designed to simulate the actual computer-based API 653 examination experience. Completion of the e-learning lessons is required to receive full Continuing Education Units.

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API RP 571

Damage Mechanisms Affecting Fixed Equipment in the Refining Industry

June 26-29
Edmonton, AB

This course is intended to help attendees improve safety, reliability, and minimize liability of fixed equipment by learning common damage mechanisms in the refining and petrochemical industry as covered in API RP 571.

To introduce the concepts of service-induced deterioration and failure modes, this course will cover the roles of the engineer and inspector in identifying:

  • affected materials and equipment,
  • critical factors,
  • appearance of damage,
  • prevention and mitigation, and
  • inspection and monitoring.

An introduction to carbon, alloy, and stainless steel metallurgy will be included to facilitate the understanding of these concepts.

This course is intended for all individuals interested in gaining a fundamental understanding of damage mechanisms in metals. It is ideal for engineers, inspectors, designers, and experienced maintenance personnel who are involved in designing, operating, maintaining, repairing, inspecting and analyzing pressure vessels, piping, tanks and pipelines for safe operations in the refining, petrochemical and other related industries. It will also assist with API 579 and API 580 evaluations and benefit API 571 ICP exam candidates.

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"Really enjoyed my time here and always recommend this course to every inspector
I work with. Very informative."

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