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Flexible API 510 ICP Training Options to Suit Your Schedule

CASTI has partnered with ASTM International to create more flexible training options to suit busy and unpredictable schedules. Our ASTM|CASTI API 510 ICP e-Learning Series - Certification Prep Course can be completed from anywhere on any device, and for those that want to have a classroom session, we still offer a classroom review session.

Register for API 510 ICP Certification Prep training at the ASTM International website:

ASTM|CASTI API 510 ICP E-Learning Course

ASTM|CASTI API 510 ICP E-Learning Course Plus 2-day Classroom Session (December 10-11, 2018 in Edmonton, AB)

Join Us at the 2019 API Inspection Summit

Join CASTI and ASTM International at the 2019 API Inspection and Mechanical Integrity Summit in Galveston, Texas on January 28-31, 2019. We will be hosting live demonstrations, contests, and prizes to be won! Stay tuned for more details.

Upcoming Courses:

ASME B31.1 & B31.3

Fabrication Code Requirements for Power and Process Piping

November 19-22
Calgary, AB

This is an introductory course to provide the basic understanding of the materials, fabrication, inspection and testing portions of ASME B31.3 for new construction and how it may be applied for post construction inspection, repairs, and alterations. The course also includes an introduction to ASTM material standards and AWS filler metal standards.

This course will assist manufacturers in meeting the personnel competency and training requirements of AB-518, Rev. 1, Pressure Piping Construction Requirements.

This course will benefit inspectors, engineers, maintenance and QA personnel who work for owner-user companies, inspection companies, fabricators, maintenance service and repair companies, inspection companies and EPC's from petrochemical plants, refineries, power plants, gas/oil pipeline companies, and pulp mills.

This course will also assist CSA W178.2 exam candidates who plan to write the B31.3 code exam.

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CSA W178.2 Level 1

Welding Inspector Exam Preparation

November 26 - December 1
Edmonton, AB

This course will assist exam candidates achieve the CSA W178.2 Level 1 Welding Inspector Certification. It is also the objective of this course to prepare exam candidates to write the ASME B31.3 code endorsement exam as part of this certification.

This course is approved by the Canadian Welding Bureau to qualify exam candidates for exemption from the closed-book Welding Inspection exam of the CSA W178.2 Level 1 Welding Inspector Certification. Click here for more information on exemptions qualification.

This course is designed to maximize your success by providing instructor-led training on the critical parts of the certification exam:

  • Basic Welding Inspection
  • Basic Welding Fundamentals
  • Practical Visual Inspection and Reporting with a hands-on workshop for visual inspection using weld samples and inspection tools
  • CSA Standard W178.2
  • Product Category and Standard/Code (ASME B31.3)

NOTE: Students are provided with a complete course notebook and access to weld inspection toolkits as a part of this training course. Students should bring a copy of the ASME B31.3 Code but are not required to purchase course textbooks or toolkits.

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Welding Fundamentals Using ASME Section IX

WPS and PQR Review

November 27-29
Calgary, AB

This is an introductory course to provide the basic understanding of welding and metallurgy as they apply to the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Section IX - Welding Qualifications and related ASME construction codes. To accomplish this objective, the course starts with the fundamentals of welding, weldability, and joint design before covering some common welding processes, followed by a review of the use of ASME Sec. IX for procedure and performance qualifications.

Additionally, a review of base metal and welding metallurgy ensures the intent and application of ASME Sec. IX requirements are understood, including a review of sample Welding Procedure Specifications. The last portion of the course covers the welding portions of related ASME construction codes (Section VIII-1, B31.1, and B31.3) and how ASME Sec. IX interacts with each.

NOTE: This course is also recommended as a pre-requisite to prepare exam candidates for the ABSA Welding Examiner and CSA W47.1 Welding Engineer certifications. CASTI offers further training specific to those certifications.

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"Really enjoyed my time here and always recommend this course to every inspector
I work with. Very informative."

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